Have you ever noticed that a clean home is also a healthy home?

For those of us unfortunate enough to suffer from allergies, keeping your surfaces, crevices and carpets free of dirt, dust and debris can make it easier to breathe easy.

It’s impossible to keep your home completely free of germs and allergens such as dust mites, mould, pet dander, dust and pollen, however regular cleaning and periodic deep cleaning can make a huge difference to your well being.

There are some very simple ways to make sure your home is really clean.

Keep the dust and debris down
First up, remove the clutter from your surfaces so that you can get to your surfaces to dust and wipe them down on a regular basis.

Next make sure your carpets are vacuumed frequently with a HEPA filter to get right into the pile and pick up dust, dirt and pet dander. Washing your bed linens in a hot wash, regularly washing your blankets and doonas and airing your pillows will also keep allergens down.

For some really great tips on keeping your home an allergen-free zone, check out this list from the Mayo Clinic.

Keep that bathroom clean
While your bathroom is probably cleaner than your kitchen, there are some basics for making sure your bathroom is healthy space.

Regular cleaning of surfaces, toilet seats, tubs and showers with deep cleaning agents such as a vinegar solution or non-toxic cleaner will really help. Keep your toothbrushes at least a few centimetres from each other and replace them regularly, especially if you’ve been unwell.

Be germ-free in your kitchen
Pay particular attention to food safety in your kitchen. It may seem obvious, but wiping down your counter surfaces before and after you prepare is very important for good health.

Clean up any food scraps soon after the mess occurs. Your kitchen’s sponge is also a haven for germs, so make sure you sanitise them after use and change them regularly. It’s also important to make sure it is completely dry.

Watch those cleaning products
There are times when the products you use to clean your home can actually exacerbate symptoms, rather than help.

Common home cleaning products can contain some irritating chemicals, such as ammonia, sodium lauryl sulphate and sodium hypochlorite, which can make it worse for people with chemical sensitivities.

There are plenty of non-toxic alternatives available for cleaning at home. Even those products labeled as ‘green’ can still cause problems for allergy sufferers due to the fumes they let off.

So what are some alternatives? Baking soda, vinegar and water. There are many ways to create your own or speak to a professional cleaning company about better alternatives for your home.

Go for a truly deep clean
While the tips above are essential for keeping your home clean, it’s worth investing in a regular deep clean of your home to catch the areas you may miss or simply don’t have time for.

When you’ve got a busy lifestyle, a family that’s always on the move or you’re just not a fan of cleaning, it can be worth the investment in a professional to do the job.

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