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Who says it has to be ‘spring’ for a good clean?

It’s about this time of year we start searching out for a light sweater for those cooler evenings or think about getting the blankets and doonas down for an airing ahead of the colder months. We’ve all heard of spring cleaning, but as the seasons change and winter is on approach, now’s a great time […]

A healthy home is a happy one

Have you ever noticed that a clean home is also a healthy home? For those of us unfortunate enough to suffer from allergies, keeping your surfaces, crevices and carpets free of dirt, dust and debris can make it easier to breathe easy.

4 Tips for Keeping Your Office Tidy & Healthy

Whether you’re a corporate high flyer or you have a humble home office, having a clean and tidy office can make a big difference to your productivity. In fact, it only takes ten minutes a day to tackle those small tasks that make coming to work more pleasant. 1. A place for everything and everything […]

Autumn – Getting your garden ready for next spring

Most of us think of spring and summer when it comes to our favourite seasons to be outdoors, but it would surprise many to know that autumn is the best time of year to be sprucing up your garden. The days are cooler, yet the soil is still warm, which makes it the perfect of […]