Whether you’re a corporate high flyer or you have a humble home office, having a clean and tidy office can make a big difference to your productivity. In fact, it only takes ten minutes a day to tackle those small tasks that make coming to work more pleasant.

1. A place for everything and everything in its place
Ever had that overwhelmed feeling when you just have too much stuff on your workspace? If so, it’s time to get organised and find a place for everything. If you can’t find a natural home for it, then it has to go.

2. Keep your desk clean
It’s no secret that your computer keyboard can be a trap for all manner of germs and allergens, aided and abetted by surface dirt and cup marks. Wiping down your desk daily is ideal, but even just a few times a week is important for your health. Cleaning your keyboard regularly is essential, but especially so after you’ve had a cold or flu.

3. Don’t eat at your desk
In 2013, a survey by the Australian Institute and beyondblue found 3.8 million Aussies routinely don’t break for lunch away and of those that do, 72% ate lunch at their desk. Aside from the really serious long-term effects of poor posture, expanding waistlines and poorer productivity, the truth is eating food at your desk can be a health hazard.

Many studies have shown that the office desk has more bacteria than a toilet seat, so it’s worth the effort to get up and go elsewhere at lunchtime and keep your desk for work, not for dining. If you insist on eating at your desk, then make sure you wipe it down regularly to keep it clean of food particles and other bacteria.

4. Add some greenery
Adding a plant to your desk can actually really benefit your wellbeing. Aside from being pretty to look at, plants filter the air we breathe. A small potted plant like a Madonna lily works well in indoor spaces, particularly those in low light areas, and only need regular but small amounts of watering.