Commercial Service

Complete all-in-one packages for corporate and retail clients.

We provide a one stop shop service for commercial and strata clients.

From offices, real estate preparations, corporate restrooms, strata gardens and more, we do it all

Our pricing

Commercial Maintenance Small Medium Large
Office / Strata cleaning from $60/hr from $60/hr from $60/hr
Office / Strata garden maintenance from $60/hr from $60/hr from $60/hr
Commercial Combination Service Small Medium Large
Office strata cleaning & garden maintenance Contact us Contact us Contact us
Discount Structure
Monthly Fortnightly Weekly
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Simple pricing for complex cleanups, too easy.

Our service includes

General Areas

  • Full Vacuuming of all office floors
  • Steam mop all tiled and vinyl floors
  • Disinfect all desks and tabletops
  • Minor desk tidying
  • Clean front entry glass doors
  • Empty all rubbish bins and replace liners
  • Sweep and remove litter from entrances
  • Disinfect all light switches, doors and doorframes.
  • All glasses and cutlery and rubbish removed from desks

Kitchen Areas

  • All rubbish bins to be emptied and rubbish removed and liners replaced.
  • Clean kitchenette area, benches and clean exterior of ovens, fridges and interior and exterior of microwaves.
  • Disinfect tabletops

Garden/Strata Areas

  • Edging all grass areas
  • Mowing of all lawns
  • Blowing and clearing of driveways and footpaths
  • Weed and feed for lawns
  • Hedging and pruning

Restrooms Areas

  • Restock paper towels, toilet paper and hand soap. (Client to provide)
  • Empty rubbish bins, wipe and replace bin liners as required
  • Clean and polish mirrors
  • Disinfect hand driers, hand towel compartments and soap dispensers
  • Disinfect and clean toilets and urinals inside and out.
  • Disinfect and clean all basins and surrounding areas.
  • Removed any splash marks from walls around basins.

High quality, fully featured services for all our commercial clients.