Platinum Service

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Home cleaning services with garden maintenance. Everything AND the kitchen sink, too.




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What we do for you

Platinum Service
Garden Maintenance
Eding all grass areas
Mowing of all lawns
Clearing of driveways & footpaths
Weed & feed
Green Waste removal (1 bag)
Hedging / pruning
All Living Areas
Dust furniture
Cobweb removal
Empty trash can(s)
Tidy up shoes
Clean mirrors
Clean interior glass
Make up bed
Dust cabinet doors
Polish cabinet doors
Detail doors, door frame & baseboards
Vacuum couch & chairs
Vacuum all carpet/floors
Steam mop all interior hard floors
Clean stove top and rangehood
Clean countertops
Wipe counter-top appliances
Wipe large kitchen appliances
Wipe kitchen cabinets
Run & fill dishwasher
Scrub & clean kitchen sink
Scrub & clean toilets
Scrub & clean showers & tubs
Scrub & clean sinks
Polish cabinet doors

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