It’s about this time of year we start searching out for a light sweater for those cooler evenings or think about getting the blankets and doonas down for an airing ahead of the colder months.

We’ve all heard of spring cleaning, but as the seasons change and winter is on approach, now’s a great time to give your home a deep clean to get rid of dust, dirt and grime that may have accumulated over summer.

So where should you start?

Clean your bedding
Autumn is the perfect time to get your bedding cleaned and ready for winter. More than likely your blankets, doonas, comforters and winter weight sheets have been packed away over the summer months, so it’s a good time to wash and freshen them up before they’re needed. Autumn’s also a good time to be airing and turning your mattress padding, woolen underlays and washing pillows.

Vacuum or professionally clean upholstered furnishings
Whether we like to admit it or not, our furnishings can be magnets for dust and dirt. Autumn is a great time to give your sofas, cushions, curtains and soft furnishings a proper vacuum.

Move your sofas off the wall too, to get in behind them and give the skirting boards a decent clean as well. It’s also worth vacuuming your mattress ahead of winter to get rid of dust mites and human skin cells, which can accumulate over time.

Vacuum your home regularly – or opt for a professional carpet clean
Carpets are magnets for dust, pet hair, dirt, human skin cells and pollen, so it’s important to get them properly cleaned on a regular basis.

People with allergies also suffer more during winter months, when a room is more likely to be closed up rather than open to fresh air. Thorough vacuuming can help to keep these rooms under control, but from time time-to-time a professional clean can give your hope a deeper clean.

Bring the outdoors inside
The air quality inside your home isn’t necessarily better than being outdoors, and that’s particularly true in colder months when we tend not to open the windows as often to let in fresh air. But did you know that having plants in your home could actually help keep your home healthy?

Indoor plants filter out toxins in the air you breathe that come out from carpets, furniture, paint and even cosmetics. Even just one plant in a room can make a difference to the air we breathe by purifying it.

Many of us don’t add plants to our indoor spaces because of the perennial black thumb, however if you choose the right plants for your space, they don’t have to take a lot of effort to keep in good shape. A good way to start is look at the light you have in your home.

For low light areas, choose plants that prefer shade and shelter; for lighter areas look for plants with brightly patterned leaves or those which like tropical conditions such as dappled light. The best place, of course, is to start at your local nursery, where experts can help you choose the right plants for your home.

Get the job done by professionals
There are many more cleaning jobs that can be done ahead of winter, but with a busy life and work, sometimes it’s hard not to let some things go.

Bringing in a professional cleaner may seem like an indulgence, however if you’re strapped for time or simply don’t have the capacity to do all the cleaning yourself, a professional team can make light work of giving your home the thorough clean it needs.

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